Spring and Summer Fashion 2019 (And how to apply it to your everyday wardrobe)

One important thing that makes me feel confident are the clothes I wear and as a mom and a woman slightly over forty I want to be stylish, yet comfortable.

Here is an easy guide to the newest fashions for this Spring and Summer. I will explain how to incorporate it into everyday wear, reasonable retailers to purchase your favorites, and how to take it to take some of them from day to date night.

The runway verdicts have spoken and this year fashion ranges from feathers to earth tones.

So let’s get to it!

Feathers are in ladies! (Do they create faux feathers? πŸ€”) Early May, Kentucky Derby weekend, will be the perfect celebration to feather your bonnet and swank a simple dress with feather fringe.

Considering you are not going to the Derby, or parties, let’s look at other ways to ‘mom’ this look while ‘keeping you young!’

Harper’s Bazar is my main go to for the latest trends. I find it most visually appealing when I’m doing my fashion research.

Here is my two favorite feathered outfits featured on Harper’s Bazar website:

I’d love to strut the red carpet with a white jumper delicately gloved with extravagant pearl feathers or take place at my ‘ole theatre cocktail parties while wearing this delicate, blue swing…. but practically suits me best these days.

So how can I add this Fashion to my life?

With such a bold statement I feel subtly works best for my lifestyle.

First rule of subtly is adding a stunning feather accessory to your outfit. These earrings by Kate Spade New York do just that.

You can easily wear these casual or flattery night attire. Macy’s offers these beauties at regular price $48.00.

One of my favorite clothing retailers, and a former employee in my late teens, I often find eye catching styles. This feathered necklace is one of them.

At New York and Co. it is regularly priced at $26.95

I would wear this statement with a plain white T-shirt or tank paired with jeans and flats. Throw on some heals in the evening for some cocktails with the ladies.

And if you really want a feather accessory that is subtle you can go for this cute hair band sold at TJ Maxx. I LOVE the deals I find at this retail store.

This sweet and fun hair band is priced at $7.99. It will be an easy wear for any occasion! Pony tail it or center it around a bun, either way it’s bound to look smashing.

I am going to switch gears to the next fashion. Dresses! Or as I would say…dresses. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

My body doesn’t get to experience dresses very often these days, but doesn’t mean I don’t like them! Can you rack your brain to the mid 90’s when baby dolls dresses were the IT of dresses?

Well now it is “All Dolled Up.”

I couldn’t imagine my life fitting into an All Dolled Up dress off the runway… I really am left scratching my head….

Including the early 90’s prom dress by Gucci (I swear my sister wore this dress for prom??? πŸ€” Seriously, hers’ was turquoise!)

That being said, in researching this fashion I found some cute dresses! I’m excited about these dresses!

The one I will share first is the Kristall Floral V-Neck mini dress available at Dillard’s.

At first glance I wasn’t sure….


Check out this fun, flirty picture!

This model makes me wild about this dress! What it could do on a dance floor!?! And the shoes paired say it all! (I couldn’t find the exact pair in the picture… but I found these, and adore them! If you know the maker of the boots in the photo please comment!)

I need to be careful with short dresses, as I do have a bubble butt… but my 5’1… AND 1/2 height appreciate a little above the knee to lengthen my legs.

That being said, this dress has me smitten.

It is a Bardot at Nieman Marcus. I have to admit, usually only buying on a sale, I would totally pay the $129.00. I hope it looks lovely on me!

I feel like this next dress is a sweet, flirty, sexy choice and the heals paired with it are simple yet sophisticated.

I’m not sure my height could pull off this dress, have to try it on, but super excited for the ladies that can strut their stuff in this beauty.

Let’s talk about a Fashion us, above forty, can embrace. Down to Earth tones! Yea!

Cream, tan, khaki and sand colors are in ladies, and that is one color we can rock!

Check out these runway fashions! I could take my favorites right off the model.

I have to tip toe around some of these colors, my skin tone can look really washed out if I don’t add some pop with them.

What about you?

Here’s some hot young appropriate items I adore. (After digging through LOTS of options…)

This was the first love I found. I love the paired color pallet and think this would look adorable with a pair of jeans (maybe white/cream) and spring dress sandals. I can definitely vision me wearing this fashion forward top at my family Easter celebrations this year.

I am loving the creams and pinks mixed with the earth tone khakis. This shirt is also another favorite of mine. I love the subtle, almost plain khaki as much as the full print.

I’d pair the first shirt with a sleek Capri, playful sandal and khaki color crossbody.

I love the second shirt with the black, as advertised in the picture. For spring fling I’d pair it with a crop jean, a wedge for the evening, (an easy flat for the day) and give it a subtle pop of color with a blush crossbody bag.

Since we are on colors, yellow is the in. Don’t scrunch your face, there are many shades of yellow and I’m sure you can find the prefect match for your skin tone!

Here are my top favorite two runway looks:

The simplicity, practically and banana yellow are appealing to my eye on the first runway fashion. (I do like bananas 😜) I can envision Ellen DeGeneres sporting this look for sure.

The second runway fashion turns my eyes to hearts 😍. This sunshine yellow is a facet of gold! (I deem her a Greek goddess in this dress.) While it wouldn’t translate well with my everyday life style, the material would be perfect for a sundress.

Here are my favorite finds…

This Cooper St dress, sold at Nordstrom Rack, screams sun goddess!

I admire the nude heels in the picture and would keep that complete look!

This is my other favorite golden goddess look. It’s a maxi, by Love Stitch , also sold at Nordstrom Rack. It appears comfortable, cool for hot summer days and transformable for day to night look.

If you are uncomfortable in too much yellow, I’m always a fan of a print that incorporates the in color of the season. I’m nuts over this Liz Claiborne blouse available at JCPenney.

I’d love to see this paired with a white denim legging and blue sandals.

Don’t forget, you can always add this bold color to your wardrobe with accessories.

If you are more of a pattern lover, here is a fashion trend for you…. remember Julia Roberts’ famous polka dot dress in 1990’s Pretty Woman?

Well, pull your replica out of the closet and dust it off, because dots are back in. πŸŽ‰

My two favorite runway looks, taken from HarperBazar’s site, are these:

But fear not, here is your new millennium version of Pretty Women’s classic. Tommy Hilfiger recreates this classic for us and it is available at Macy’s.

When searching for more of this fashion, New York and Co. is not a disappointment with the styles to complete this classic appeal. Enjoy shopping for dots!

I would now like to take you back to the days of scarves…. don’t get too excited yet… the runway is wearing them an extremely different way this year.

While we remember scarves most worn like:

This year on the runway:

Your main article of clothing is the scarf. I personally, was a little unsure of the idea, but I’m wild over the last two dresses in this picture. I’ve always been fond of this type of patterning and it also has a bit of boho vibe, which I find comfort in.

Where can you buy this look, right for you?

While this early spring/summer trend was more of a challenge to pinpoint, I found an adorable scarf print at Macy’s by I.N.C. It is in the petite collection, which actually is an advantage to me!

I’m excited about this skirt- dress. It looks nice and cool for hot summer days and easy to drape a black cardigan for cool spring nights. I also love the pairing here, a subtle dangle earring and black sandal.

TJMaxx has an easy find on the scarf print trend, offering a handful of delightful choices. I thought this dress had a sophisticated appeal.

I’d love to see a dress sandal with color to give it a bit of pop! Maybe our in color yellow or a delicate nude. I would complete this outfit with pearl drop earrings.

These scarf prints aren’t the only thing nostalgic in fashion this year. You know those fun tie-dye crafts you’ve been doing with the kids during summer? Well buy a t-shirt in your size too.

Yup, update those acid washed jeans and gather your finest vintage hippie wear because its hit the runway.

I hit the jackpot of tie-dye fun and acid wash denim at Nordstrom Rack. They even had some trendy swimsuits and coverups!

Here are some of my favorites…

If you encounter me on a usual basis you will most likely find me wearing leggings. It transfers easy to a quick workout later too. Leggings give me easy movement to run after the kids and get the cleanup done. These stars embedded leggings by C & C California May have been created just for me. πŸ˜‰

Next I found this shirt I would totally love to rock. Classic and simple, easy to grab and go casual or dress up for a night out. This perfect fit is by Young Fabulous & Broke.

While I’ve always adored acid wash denim jackets, I couldn’t pass up these frayed end Wrangler crop Jeans.

I would love to see these paired with a shoreline converse shoe, and comfy v-neck or Logo T.

Before we switch gears to much more summer looks, check out this runway fashion for spring. Think trousers, jumpsuits and modern military jackets. The in earth tones make this look work if you get behind it.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not cool enough to confidently pull off this style as seen on the runway, but let’s see what I can find in the genre.

This utility jacket by SONOMA comes in five different colors, allowing to find the perfect match for your spring wardrobe. It is available at Kohl’s, regular price $60.00 (but Kohl’s usually always has sales and coupons)

This adorable jacket is an easy match up with your casual attire. I’m digging it! Throw on a pair of jeans and tee and then complete your outfit with a stylish combat boot.

If you can rock the jumpsuit, Express offers a stylish utility, belted jumpsuit for $88.00.

It appears to be an easy dress up, but you could also take this for a daytime stroll with casual sneakers and stud earrings.

Let’s go ahead and dive into a couple runway looks more suited for summer.

There is nothing that says nautical to me more than heavy netting. This look does just that… Fishnet attire.

How to apply this nautical fashion?

This Michael Stars net vest might be a comfortable ease into this fashion.

I think the match up the model wears is great, with a simple white camisole, dark denim and nautical shoe.

If you prefer to take comfort in the sun while wearing a one piece suit, a knot net swimsuit might be your style. This gold suit, by Marylin Monroe Swim, adds the trendy net subtlety to your neckline.

During transit, cover it with this flattering fringe tunic, and don’t forget your floppy hat and sunglasses.

This next summer fashion is our second to last from the runway tour, taken from Harper’s Bazaar.

While I wish i could now tell you I saved it for almost last because it’s one of the best… well, this happens to be my least favorite for completely personal reasons. (Like my bubble butt and thick thighs.)

I present you the late 1980’s biker shorts…. they’re back hotter.

The best selection I’ve found is presented to you by Athleta.

It appears this trend is mostly sold in athletic stores that focus on running, yoga, biking etc… maybe it will filter to other clothing stores soon.

And the final runway fashion presented for this Spring and Summer of 2019 is….

What Haper’s Bazaar calls hang ten. Remember the song California girls…? Well, like that, with an upgraded version of cool and tough instead of minimal bikini.

I’m game! Bring it!

I love sporty beach looks, almost anything beach…. so here is what I found…

This tasseled skirt, by Raga, reminds me of the first runway look I’ve shared. I found this saucy beach blouse, by McGuire, to give this look a sweet but sexy appeal. Add an embellished sandal for a day out.

You can also try a fun boho skirt matched with a sassy tank and wear flat, comfortable sandals to give it that hang ten vibe.

Bold enough to try the scuba gear?

I stumbled across some scuba body suits at a website called PrettyLittleThing and also, Swimsuitsfoall offers choices that will work with this style as well.

I hope you enjoy some of the new fashions this Spring and Summer of 2019 and it continues to – Keeping You Young!



You can find more of these fashion ideas at my Pinterest – Keeping You Younger

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