My First Guest Food Vlogger Experience Went Like This…

With over a twenty year background in the production world I’m no stranger around being on camera. However, I must say there is a first time for everything, including me sticking a stuffed, vegetarian gyro in my mouth while on camera. It wasn’t pretty. Slopping veggies slid out the end, rolling down my hand and I wasn’t exactly able to continue a review with a full mouth. At least on commercial and movie set(s) you have a chance to spit the food out and that’s “scene”, but food vlogging, that’s a whole new realm. A delicious one, mostly.

It began when my cousin, David Schreiber, shared his food videos with me. I thought it looked like a blast and a challenge in the blogging and vlogging world I have not yet attempted. David gladly accepted my offer of interest in an appearance and we made it an official date. We tried the restaurant I discovered, Gyro Express, through the GetUpside App (referral code: WKAKT), where you earn money back for eating and buying gas.

While it pained me a bit to bite into white pita bread, because my favorite mentor, Dr. Amen, had his quote floating in my head, I did it anyway, and it didn’t disappoint. (However, I did end up leaving the pita behind and only ate the veggies for personal health reasons.)

I also grabbed enough food for a family, all the vegetarian items sounded delicious. Let me be honest, while eating it all in one sitting wouldn’t be a great health choice, over all I’d say the food I chose had great health benefits along with delicious taste.

David on the other hand… well… 😜

So, what turns someone who is a treasure hunter for “Ohio’s Outrageous Finds” additionally into a food vlogger?

Nothing better than going straight to the source.

Me: What made you want to start a food vlog?

David: Well, I have had my channel as a reseller showing stuff I like but I always loved food vlog kinda shows and thought, ‘Since I am always eating- let’s try that. Plus do something different for viewers.’

Me: What points do you try to convey in your food videos?

David: If the place I’m at is quality and worth trying. Why or why not- I mean some may like things that I don’t, that’s why I try to be funny during these to lighten up the mood.

Me: 🤔🤔 You are funny, David 🤔😜😅

Me: What was your experience working with me, the newbie, for the first time?

David: Great. You obviously are more healthy than I am so it is great for people to see that side of an establishment- not just what the fat guy chooses.

Me: What type of food places do you enjoy visiting and why?

David: Anything, really. I like it all and love finding new places to try.

Me: Are you currently accepting request in the Cincinnati, and surrounding areas, from restaurants to vlog at their location?

David: Absolutely! Anywhere who’d like to work out a complimentary menu item for review, I will. However, they have to realize I’m going to be honest on my feelings about the product.

Me: Count me in on that whole complementary, honest thing too!

David: Only if it doesn’t have meat and healthy. You nut.

Me: True. But I’d eat seafood, meat lover.

While David and I love to banter back and forth, it’s fun, and I enjoy tasting new food, it is not the only reason I enjoyed being on his show.

I learned something new…like, don’t ramble too much, and buy so much food, then maybe viewers have time to catch the full experience of the dessert. I’ll keep this information in my pocket for next time and who knows, maybe David will one day add The Cuts to his vlog of everything you didn’t get to see on his foodie journey.

So, how to you watch this food vlog about our experience at Gyro Express in Montgomery, Ohio?

Visit David’s YouTube by clicking HERE and don’t forget to subscribe to catch NEW material!

Enjoy and as always, Cheers To A Happier And Healthier You! 💜

Published by TheCloverNook

A background in the video production for over twenty years, Rebecca Ann Price continues her passion for story telling with her creation of Realm Komiks. An active contributor to Thrive Global and blogger for The Clover Nook, she specializes in “ Keeping You Younger" physically, emotionally and mentally as we travel through life together.

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