10 Amazon Prime Deals I Still Love

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Do you ever wonder if the Amazon driver pulls up to your house and thinks: Oh, this house again…? Well, since the Amazon drivers in my neighborhood keep delivering some of my packages to my neighbor, I figure I just need to order more so they can get the house right. So, naturally I can’t resist during moments of downtime to log in the app on my phone and scroll through the daily deals that lead to more packages on my porch; And while I can’t say all my purchases have been wonderful splurges, these ten deals below brought me genuine joy and excitement when I thought “Why Not?” and added them to my cart.


  1. 1. Ewedoos Yoga Pants: When my first side pocketed pair of Yoga pants perished because I tried to trim a fabric ball from around the leg…well, I wanted to cry when they became a crouch-less yoga pant. Since that’s not my style, I went on a side pocket hunt leaving no website unturned. I needed a sale to justify my new pending splurge and, as fate would have it, Ewedoos placed a deal on Amazon. I bought a basic black pair and it was love at first wear. Not only did they fit me perfect, look good, stay up on my bubble behind but they have two pockets! So, while they weren’t on deals anymore, the price was still such a steal I had to order more. I have an extra black pair, gray, light gray, charcoal gray speckled and black calf length (so far). Oh yes, when fall peaks it’s head around the corner… I’ll be back for more.

2. UGET Women’s Sweater: I ordered this batwing shirt two years ago and since then have bought four more colors (hey, I’m behind, it comes in twenty-five!) I love this shirt so much. Can it really go out of style? Nah. This shirt is so comfortable for just hanging out around the house, running errands, pre & post workout, but super cute enough for outings like playdates, parks, shopping and coffee. I always order a size up because I like the way it fits better – has a little more hang off the shoulder and longer to the arms. This is one of those Amazon purchases where other moms ask me, “Where did you get that from?”

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3. The Slimming Face Mask: Okay, full disclosure, I’m not comfortable with sharing this deal (embarrassed giggle) because I don’t want to admit I even need this! But, cards on the table, here it is! Though I found this mask on deals it sat in my shopping cart and eventually moved to “items to purchase later” because I really didn’t think it would work. Two months later, Covid-19 and stuck at home, I was scrolling through Amazon trying to clean up my “save for later items” and thought Why Not? To my surprise it works! Happily, it’s not that slimy mask material because I don’t like the feel of those and they usually make me break out. I opened the package and was impressed with the V-Line mask that was a durable, stretchy material, felt type fabric on the outside and a light stickiness to the inside (so it stays put). I was surprised by the high quality of this mask. Needless to say, me and V-Line are forming a lasting relationship.

4. Dr. Tobias Memory Support: I’m sure I’ve been using this product for almost two years now and rather if it actually works or not… well I THINK it works and that is extreme power. Now what was I saying…? (funny aren’t I?) I take this vitamin daily and in the morning only. One night I took it in the evening and my mind had a hard time shutting off… it could have been a coincidence but I’m pretty good at blanking my mind for a deep slumber. What to know about it: It contains St. John’s Wart and Bacopa Monnieri which are believed to boost serotonin levels, help with stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost brain function, reduce ADHD and more. It does contain gelatin (not vegetarian) and soy. Overall, it has been a dedicated win for me.

  • 5. Vivo Per Lei Day Cream: This day cream is as inexpensive as a day cream can get for a whopping price of $12.99! When I ran out of my regular brand I thought I’d try Vivo until I got to the store later in the week…. after all, Prime could get it to me the next day. I wasn’t expecting much from this deal and, with my sensitive skin, I was hoping it wouldn’t make me break out… but the reviews were positive and so… WHY NOT? Vivo Per Lei arrives and I open this beautiful, fancy box, lined with satin with the cream pillowed perfectly in the middle. Very fancy for an inexpensive brand! Seriously, the packaging itself makes you feel like you should’ve at least payed $75.00 for it. Well, Vivo and I have been in a relationship now for three years and my sister started her own relationship with not only the day cream but the night cream too. I’ll never go back to anything else.

6. Sonic Electric Toothbrush: This is one of those things I always thought I should buy – an electrical toothbrush – but didn’t really want to put the crazy amount of dollars in it. This one is a super amazing price, chargeable, works really well, has extra attachments, different modes…. And I’ll never buy a regular toothbrush again. Added bonus, it’s on a timer so when your teeth have been shined to the max it gives you a satisfying reassurance when it shuts off.

7. Pure Natural Silk Pillow Case – If you haven’t read the news yet, silk pillowcases are supposed to rescue you from embarrassing bedhead and keep your skin smooth and fresh after slumber. When I found the pillow on Deals, and read the reviews, I dove in for further research before purchasing it. After reading what other women had to say I thought…. WHY NOT? Well, needless to say I have three now and one always travels with me. I can actually go to bed with wet hair (#momlife) and when I wake up it’s not all frizzed out and knotted. I don’t get those horrible lines on my face when I wake up and if I lay down for a nap my hair doesn’t need a do over. I’m telling you; silk pillows are legit and so is this brand. (If you’re wondering, Satin does not work like silk)


8. DinoStrw Silicone Drinking Straws: This is my most recent find and I love them! Why I’m so excited about these straws is a mystery… but I am! When I ordered, I only noticed the straws and cleaning brush so the fancy travel containers really made me stoked. They will be an easy pack for when I take the kids to our environmentally friendly zoo (that doesn’t use straws) and our nearby aquarium (that also no longer carries straws to promote safety for the animals). They also come with cleaning tools for on the go. I love this product! Did I say that already? I really do!

9.  Flybar: So, let me tell you about My Foam Flybar. I bought three of these, impulsively of course, for Easter gifts. One for my son and one for each of the boys I used to nanny. They have fun with it but perhaps I have more fun! (I’m laughing at admitting this but it is completely true) And what a workout on my legs and arms! Every time I see it, I can’t resist to use it and of course if I’m caught by the eight-year police I’m scorned (how can I not be caught, it squeaks every time you jump which just really makes me laugh) but the pleasure is so worth the wrath! So, win for mom and kids!

Grow Light: This is one of those things that I always said I wanted but never bought. “I am going to plant my own seedlings” but never found the time to actually do it. When the deal came across Amazon during Covid-19… well you know what I thought… WHY NOT? It works so well! I clipped it on an extra counter in the basement, set the timer and it does the rest of the work. Turns on and off by itself every day! It’s my first-time growing seedlings, so poor things were planted to early and lost their lives due to a late spring frost…. However, now that I have this awesome light…. There’s no stopping me now.

What are some awesome deals you found on Amazon that you continue to order and use? Share them here if you’d like and if you have an associate link too, please feel free to use it in the comments below.



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