Now on 21 Buttons!

As a mom, nanny and writer, the truth is, if we meet in public there is an 80% chance I’ll be in yoga pants; But when I meet up with my girlfriends, go to book club, dinner etc. I enjoy throwing the yoga pants aside and dressing to impress (myself). While I love to look my best with the newest style for the season, comfort and practically is a huge deal for me. Casual outfits I choose present this.

My Promise:

“As an affiliated, I take pride in the products I believe in because they make me feel good on the outside as well as the inside. As an empowered woman, writer and mother I promise my supporters I will never suggest any product I don’t truly love or believe in.” 💜Rebecca Ann Price
Casual Cotton Dress & Denim Button (soft) Jean Jacket
Black Lace Tank and White & (soft) Jean Shorts
Light Sweater Tank
Blue Lace Tank
Red Lace Tank
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