Here Are Tips On How To Be Your Own Daily Life Coach

Sometimes we can be really good at giving others advice. But when it comes to looking at our own lives under a microscope things are fuzzy. What does it take to step back and be able to talk yourself through problems and analyze what you can do to make your own life better?

When you hire a fitness coach you will be pushed above what you feel you are capable of. Your legs might tire, your arms sore but the coach is there to encourage you, “Only ten more…” and in the mist of thinking you can’t, you work through the discomfort and complete ten more reps. 

However, when you decide to drag yourself from bed, who is there to push you beyond your boundaries? Unless you buddy up or have a partner that is ready to tackle the day alongside of you, it is up to you to change the gears in your head and be your own coach. 

If your inner self starts whispering things like, “I’m tired of living my life this way…” it might be time to choose a new lifestyle change. It is important during this time to also teach yourself how to coach yourself, if you have not yet done this.

Hiring a coach is great way to start because learning from someone else with experience can guide you to the proper paths you need to change negative aspects of your life. However, every coach has their own personal life as well and isn’t going to be next to you every morning banging pots and pans and telling you to get your ass out of bed. Taking the knowledge you learn from a professional only goes so far if you don’t become your own coach, practicing and pushing you to keep working. Your transformation is in your hands. Only you can make the genuine commitment.

Where to start?

First you have to want a lifestyle change. Saying enough is enough in certain aspects of your life is a beginning but maintaining that mentality is going to take a strong mind and loud inner voice. You have it in you if you seek it.

Here are some things you can do to start being your best coach:

  • Hold Yourself Accountable: It’s really easy to skip a workout, eat the wrong foods, grab another cigarette, lose confidence to go for the new job, stay in bed when depressed and the list goes on. When no one is holding you accountable, your inner voice needs to hold you accountable. The best thing to do is teach yourself how to be your own inner voice and even set up consequences if you don’t listen. Try things like, “If you eat that piece of cake you have to do 50 burpees,” “For every cigarette you smoke you have to donate $100 to the American Lung Foundation,” and “If you don’t try to go for the promotion then you have to take all your co-workers out for happy hour, drinks and food on you.” These repercussions work best by giving yourself ultimatums you don’t want to do. Stick to your own repercussions, hold yourself accountable and make things happen.
  • Adult The Child Inside Of You: Rather if we don’t feel like we could grab the inner child inside of us to skip down a path or play imagination, your inner child is very much alive and most likely whispering negative thoughts in your ear. This happens when certain negative events happened in your life, conditioned by environment, and words. Without realizing it you have whispers and feelings tied up in your subconscious brain that can play on your self-confidence, worth, financials, relationships and success. Comforting the inner child and feeding your brain new ways of thinking lead to healthy thoughts and feelings. Be kind to your inner child and reteach your inner child with comfort and understanding.
  • Keep Educating yourself: Self-growth is an important part of coaching and because we are human we all have reasons to continue to grow. It is an advantage we all have to better ourselves, habits and quality of life. Here are ways to broaden your self education and coach yourself toward higher self growth:
  1. Expand your knowledge in the field you are already in. Search for new knowledge and ways to take yourself further in what you are already doing within your career.
  2. Find spiritual meaning. Spiritual awakening, no matter the religion or belief, is shown to boost happy mood chemicals in the brain, creates a sense of belonging, and community. You don’t have to go to a building to find this – this is your personal journey, a mind opening journey. Practicing mindful meditation can also have the same type of effects rather alone or with a group.
  3. Learn about your body and health. Body types, blood type, brain and gut health are all different depending on a person’s genetic makeup. To be your best version mentally and physically educate yourself on these things. Learn what type of exercise and activity fit your mind and body best. Discover what kind of foods keep your organs, blood, and immunity at top levels.
  4. Don’t neglect your mental and emotional health. As above, in mentioning the inner child, we all have things to work through. 2021 statistics for USA, show that 19.00% of adults suffer from mental illness, that is over 47 million Americans. These statistics are based off those who have reached for help, been diagnosed and reported. We all have buried bones we would rather not dig up, but if those things are never confronted, that will haunt your present life. Deciphering your past and what causes you to react in the present can give you the tools needed to live a happier life.
  5. Seek mentorship. Rather it is in a teacher, therapist, coach, or friend, find unbiased advice and create a support system. While teaching yourself to mentally coach yourself it is helpful for a good support system of people to continue to motivate your growth and progress; Rather if it’s as simple as a walking partner, finding a lifestyle coach, or more complex such as seeing a therapist that meets your needs, gathering a support system will cheer the coach on inside of you, reminding you of what your goals are.
  • Set Goals: Speaking of goals, as your own coach it is important to set them. Even when working with a professional, another coach, teacher or therapist, having a clear mind set of what you want to achieve in life is key to staying on track. I prefer physically writing mine in a journal, it holds gravity for myself. However, you can make dream boards, hang things on the fridge, write affirmations and reminders in the closet or cabinets. Do what works for you and motivates you to keep moving forward. Set small goals first as to not overwhelm yourself. Make maps toward the bigger goals. Remind yourself it takes steps and if those steps ever move backward, it’s okay and don’t beat yourself up, you can and will move forward again.

Ideally, with enough practice, patience and persistence you can be your best coach. No one else can fully see in your head and understand your thought process the way you can. You know your thoughts and feeling better than anyone else and working through these and understanding all the pieces of yourself will help you be the best coach money can’t buy.

Cheers to a happier and healthier you! 💜

Published by TheCloverNook

A background in the video production for over twenty years, Rebecca Ann Price continues her passion for story telling with her creation of Realm Komiks. An active contributor to Thrive Global and blogger for The Clover Nook, she specializes in “ Keeping You Younger" physically, emotionally and mentally as we travel through life together.

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