Brain Boosting Breakfast Eggs

Brain boosting eggs might sound bogus, but it works!

What makes this egg recipe great for your brain?

Well, read on, my friend.

I’m going to break down this recipe for you along with the health benefits from the ingredients.

While, I’m no chef, I love to cook and one of my favorite in-depth discoveries has been the relationship between body and food. It’s amazing the contributing factors certain foods have from fighting cancer, to regulating blood sugar and my personal favorite, fighting depression and anxiety (because that has been an ongoing battle for me since I was the age of thirteen). I am winning the battle with depression everyday, free from medication for almost a year (after being on anti-depressants for over twenty), thanks to the research I’ve explored of depression fighting food and spices. If you follow my blog (don’t forget to subscribe) I first explain my discovery with spices and then later have shared my first recipe release, for an awesome smoothie, that boost your brain in the fight against depression and anxiety.

Since then, I have tweaked other recipes, while creating my own, to make sure I feed my brain the nutrients it needs as part as my daily regiment/life style change so I can stay medication free. On a daily basis I have an egg white, with my favorite depression fighting spices Saffron and Thyme, but on the weekend I like to skip the daily routine of smoothie and an egg white and go for my delicious brain boosting egg/omelet recipe.

Now I’m ready to share it with you!

Here’s the Ingredients You Need and What They Do for the Brain & Body:

  1. Two Eggs (I prefer organic pasture raised or if you): packed with choline, which is believed to assist in memory & fight Alzheimer’s disease. Eggs are also packed with protein and vitamins such as D and B12
  2. Spinach: packed with Iron (make sure to eat plenty of citrus type foods to absorb the iron) which helps fight “Iron Depression,” as well as lutein, Vitamin K, folate and beta-carotene which keep your cognitive abilities sharp.
  3. Cilantro: this is my personal addition for taste and because I love adding cilantro to my recipes for skin care & detoxing the liver (#winelover). On a bonus, brainy side… it is believed to assist in lifting “brain fog” by assisting in clearing heavy metals out of your system.
  4. Lemon Balm: contains Rosmarinic Acid which assist in blood flow to the brain and also contains properties to help with anxiety and stress (I use to two leaves in this recipe. To learn more about, one of my faves, Lemon Balm, I’ve found a great write up by David Tomen.)
  5. Saffron & Thyme: I’m going to put these two together because I use both of them often in the fight against depression. Again, you can find more information about these spices in my blog.
  6. Mozzarella & Feta Cheese: This is for taste, because I LOVE cheese. (cheezy smile) But, let’s dig further to give you a reason to add it – cheese has protein, Vitamin D, calcium and little Iron (to mention a few).
  7. Tomato &/or Sweet Red Pepper: These are also for taste because I enjoy them, but they do have cancer fighting properties and sweet red peppers are also packed with calcium (along with other vitamins).
  8. Avocado: Packed with Omega-3’s, one of our brain’s favorite foods.
  9. Olive Oil or Avocado Oil Cooking Spray: I always cook with either of these oils and their added health benefits are perfect for brain boosting meals. (Beware for brands that sneak soy products and other unhealthy oils in their spray)
  10. Favorite Sauce: I heart Ortega Taco Sauce topped on my eggs, but you might enjoy hot sauce, ketchup or something else. Choose your favorite. (Update – no I longer use this do to hidden additives (see @thefoodbabe or visit her website for an additive hit list)

Unfortunately, like my grandma, I have a horrible habit of not using measuring spoons and cups when it comes to creating (and adding to) recipes. I’m working on getting better as I’m trying to share my recipes with you. Hang with me, when I say “a pinch” or a “handful” it’s literally a pinch or handful. Note my hands are about the size of a ten year-old (true).

Time to Cook this Yummy Egg:Spray your skillet with organic pressed olive oil cooking spray (or you can use a refill bottle) and add spinach (I use a handful), fresh lemon balm (two leaves) and fresh cilantro (I use about 3 tbsp.) (And sweet red pepper if you are using it). After cooked, empty the mix in a bowl and keep the bowl on a stove warmer (if you have it). Then slice your tomato, adding it to the veggies in the bowl. If you throw the tomato in the skillet it will get mushy.

Crack your eggs into a bowl and scramble them with your weapon of choice. I add approximately 1tsp of thyme and a pinch of saffron. WARNING: If you aren’t use to saffron only add two strands. It will taste strong until you are used to it (I buy my Saffron from Amazon, the flakes are longer and hearty and the price is slightly cheaper than your local grocery store).

Spray your skillet again and add the egg. Let it cook through swirling the skillet to get the egg cooked through. (If you’re a professional chef or egg flipper, please, by all means do this… It just never works out for me.)

Once both sides are cooked add your veggies and mozzarella cheese. Close your egg together with your spatula and then slide it onto your plate.

Top with your favorite flavored topping (mine is Ortega Taco Sauce), and add sliced avocado, feta cheese and fresh cilantro.

Now, you are ready to eat your delicious brain boosting breakfast!

Enjoy, friend!

Rebecca Ann Price

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A background in the video production for over twenty years, Rebecca Ann Price continues her passion for story telling with her creation of Realm Komiks. An active contributor to Thrive Global and blogger for The Clover Nook, she specializes in “ Keeping You Younger" physically, emotionally and mentally as we travel through life together.

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